My Journey

My stamping journey started when my husband introduced me to stamping; yes you read that right, my husband! When we were first married he thought it would be a good idea for us to do a craft together so he brought up making our Christmas cards.  The wife of one of his best friends made theirs and he thought it sounded like fun.  My answer?  “Um, no.  I don’t have any crafty/creative bones in my body, never have!”  BUT, we were newlyweds so I thought, why not!  We made 100 cards that year, we were very ambitious! We used pencils and blender pens to color and then cut out 100 beautiful angels. Something about putting rubber to ink to cardstock resonated with me and I was HOOKED!  That was in 2004 and I have fallen more and more in love with stamping and paper crafting ever since!

As a Journey Coach my job is to help you learn, explore, and find that inner creativity you might not even know you have! Creating is an amazing stress reliever and a great way to have time with friends and just be! Plus you get to make something special that is one of a kind for that special person!

Whether you have been stamping for years, are a brand new stamper, or just thought it sounds like something you might want to try I would love to talk to you about hosting a Make it Party or tell you about the classes that I hold! If you’re interested I’d love to share the opportunity with you about becoming a Journey Coach!