Dream Big CYCI#128

So sorry that I didn’t get this posted sooner, I’ve had it ready I just couldn’t find a second to sit down and post. Bad, I know! Anyway, on to the post…

I wanted to share with you what the July Bloom Box cards looked like and then share the one that I made myself. The Bloom Box sets are so versatile, you have the cards that come prepared and ready to stamp but you can switch those around to personalize them AND when you are done with those the possibilities for the set are endless!!!

First let me share the original cards that came with the kit turned out. There is a TON of Journey Sparkle Dust on these, which is great because I LOVE sparkle! I think that our Sparkle Dust is by far the best glitter I’ve ever worked with. The shine and sparkle is amazing, so bright and shimmery! The photo really doesn’t do it justice. I could talk about it all day but I won’t, although if you want me to just let me know. 😉


I love the color combo as well! Of course there is Bubble Gum but that paired with the ??? Patterned Paper is just awesome! Not two colors I would think to put together but it works so well!

Now I want to show you my card. I started out with the Can You Case It (CYCI) challenge #128. Of course a sketch challenge is just a starting point but it’s a great one. Once you see the layout then ideas will start to flow. Go with them, even if you don’t think it’s right, just start. Once you do then you’ll start to see things you didn’t see before, or have an idea. Keep going with it! Let the changes come, that’s part of the creative journey!


Once I started looking at the sketch and the stamp I wanted to use I had to figure out colors. My mom loved dream catchers and her favorite color was purple. For some reason that memory really grabbed me and I knew purple was it. From that point on it was just a matter of playing with things until I got it exactly how I wanted. I think I colored three dream catchers before I got one that I liked! I ended up tying a bow with my Natural Journey Thread, it just needed that little bit to balance it out. Not overpowering but just enough, at least I think so.

Dream Big

I hope you like this card, like I said it was super simple to come up with by using that sketch from CYCI! I love how easy and quick the Bloom Box cards were as well. It took me about 35 minutes to create all four Bloom Box cards. With everything all done it is super easy and quick!  Using the sketch as my starting point it took about the same time for this one, that includes figuring out what I wanted and where, cutting cardstock, etc.

Each month I do a “Garden Party”, this is a free class where you can come over and we’ll work on our Bloom Boxes together. In addition to the cards included in your Bloom Box I will have a bonus card for you as a thank you for subscribing! If you aren’t a Bloom Box Subscriber then you are welcome to come check it out. The class is free for Bloom Box subscribers but if you would just like to join us one month it is $12.00 and that includes all the cards, including the bonus card. My next Garden Party is for the August Bloom Box and will be on Sunday, August 14th at 3:00 pm.

You can subscribe to the Bloom Boxes on my website, just click on Bloom Box at the top, everyone that signs up in July will get a special gift from me!

Or if you want to check out the Garden Party without subscribing let me know.

Happy Stamping,




  • Stamp Set: Dream It (SS-0291)

Bloom Box Cards:

  • Cardstock: River Stone (CS-0094), Whip Cream (CS-0040), Oatmeal Cookie (CS-0023), Bubble Gum (CS-0099), Pineapple Smoothie (CS-0026), and Confectionary Days Patterned Paper (PP-0028)
  • True Color Fusion Ink Pads: Black Licorice (IP-0041), Whip Cream (IP-0009), River Stone (IP-0053), and Oatmeal Cookie (IP-0011)
  • True Color Fusion Re-Inkers: River Stone (RI-0052), Bubble Gum (RI-0057), Oatmeal Cookie (RI-0041), Pineapple Smoothie (RI-0035)
  • Dies & Embossing Folders: Everyday Elements (SR-0004) and Journey Rectangle Long (DI-0040), Journey Rectangles pierced element (DI-0040), Journey Circles (DI-0039), Border Details (DI-0147), and Ink Splash Embossing Folder (EF-0008)
  • Silks: Silver Silk (IP-0090)
  • Embellishments: Pearls (AC-0024), River Stone Satin Ribbon (AC-0139), Natural Journey Thread (AC-0133), Paper Clip Elements (AC-0102), Journey Sparkle Dust (AC-0013), Journey Sequins (AC-0115), and Twinkle Trim (AC-0215)
  • Additionally: Journey Blending Brush (TO-0097 or TO-0098), Fusion Blender (IP-0097), Fusion Ink Sponge (JM-0014), and the Punch Press & Cutting Mat Bundle (BD-0067)

Dream Big Card:

  • Cardstock: Pretty Amethyst (CS-0028), Whip Cream (CS-0040), and Oatmeal Cookie (CS-0023)
  • True Color Fusion Ink Pad: Black Licorice (IP-0041)
  • True Color Fusion Re-Inkers: Pretty Amethyst (RI-0023), Pretty Pansy (RI-0036), Oatmeal Cookie (RI-0041), and Banana Cream (RI-0045)
  • Embellishments: Natural Journey Thread (AC-0133)


11 thoughts on “Dream Big CYCI#128

  1. Tricia, I love how you incorporated the purple in there. Purple is not a traditional color you see when you think about Indians. Good Job. Thanks for joining the challenge at CYCI -Kim

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