Chocolate Covered Bacon…

Yes, Chocolate Covered Bacon!  Just a quick post tonight… I went with my bonus-daughter to the AZ State Fair tonight.  She’s a friend of my oldest son from ROTC and we’ve claimed her as our bonus kid.  She won tickets to the Billy Currington concert for tonight and asked me to go with her, how sweet is that?  Of course I went!  Who wouldn’t pass up the chance to go to the fair for free, well sort of… I saved the admission price but still had to buy food and rides, can’t go to the fair without that!  One thing they had that we tried was chocolate covered bacon!  It was pretty good.  Sweet & salty, I have to say though that some of the pieces in the box had a lot of chocolate and  you couldn’t hardly taste the bacon at all.  Still, I enjoyed it!  I had so much fun!  We rode rides, I haven’t ridden carnival rides in YEARS!  Even one of my favorites, the Gravitron (they called it something else but it’s the same thing)!  Went in the fun house, rode a couple of other things and I even won a frog!  Woohoo, I’ve always rocked those squirt gun blow up the balloon games!  Such a blast!  We got flashy hair bows, of course, and just had a blast!

The night did end kind of freaky though!  We were just about to get on the freeway and as I glanced over I saw a guy in a full on Jason costume walking down the road… Not some cheesy Wal-Mart version either, this was a full on professional looking costume, machete and everything! He was walking down the road, at 10:00 at night, carrying a machete in his right hand, a water jug in his left, and was walking with a purpose. It’s not like he was walking along trying to be goofy in his Halloween costume or something, I mean he looked like a man on a mission! Totally freaked us out! She called 911 to report a suspicious person, I was driving and couldn’t very well do it. I doubt (hope not) that it was a real machete, although the 911 operator did ask if we could tell… I have no clue, it was dark and the thing was covered in blood-looking stuff. Like I said, the costume was amazing, he looked like he could have come from a movie or major haunted house.  It was just freaky how he was walking… like he was in character… down the street at 10:00 at night, towards the fair where hundreds of people are hanging out, having fun, there are little kids, etc. Just freaky and honestly a little scary, and I don’t freak out or scare easily!  The police got to him/the scene while she was on the phone with the operator though, so that’s good.  I’ll be checking the news sites tomorrow to see if there is anything posted about it.  Weird!

Sorry no card tonight, so tired, I’m off to bed!  It’s almost 1:00 am!  I’ll get one up for you tomorrow though, something I think you’ll enjoy!  Have a great night, well I guess day since it is 1 am!  Oh, here’s a slideshow with some pics of today if you’d like to see them… sorry they’re not the greatest, they’re from my phone…

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2 thoughts on “Chocolate Covered Bacon…

    1. We didn’t get a picture, I was driving and when I saw him I was in shock for a second, then when I pointed him out to Kylie by the time I though we should snap a picture it was too late, he was walking too fast and we had already pretty much passed him.

      I haven’t seen anything about it anywhere. I’m taking that to be good. Hopefully it was just a costume and they said something to him about dressing like that. After the whole Colorado thing it was just freaky and a little scary to see someone like that, alone, late at night walking in the area of the fair, and striding like that, as if he was going somewhere with a purpose, carrying that machete that way. Ugh!


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