Zombies? Really?

My son Bryan, he’s 15 and my middle kiddo, convinced me to play Black Ops and Nazi Zombies with him tonight on his PS3.  I’m not the most coordinated person on the planet, at least not with hand eye coordination.  Put some stamps, paper, ink, and adhesive and I’m good… but game controllers with various joysticks, direction pads, x’s, o’s, squares, triangles, and four more buttons on the top that fire guns, grenades, flash something or others, AND aim for you and I’m lost and literally dead, as Bryan quickly discovered.

You would think I’d have gotten the hang of it, how hard is it to shoot things right?  I grew up with video games, after all… I rocked at Pac Man and Super Mario Bros!  Gosh, when Donovan and I got married we played Star Wars Galaxies and right now we play Star Wars the Old Republic, so how much harder can this be, I can do this!  Um… yeah, no.  This thing is crazy!  My first problem was that it was as if I was walking, and not watching myself walk, the point of view I guess.  I don’t do so well with that, I like to be behind my character.

That’s me on the bottom…

Second was that it used the two joysticks, and I totally wasn’t digging that!  My third issue was that there was no map!  I had no idea where I was, or where people were, and bad guys kept sneaking up behind me, or above me and shooting me!  Urgh, VERY frustrating I must say!  Then apparently I picked the wrong gun, it wasn’t shooting fast enough or something?  How was I to know… I just picked the one that looked coolest to me!

I will say that I did better when he turned on Nazi Zombies.  Maybe it is because he was playing JFK, lol!  Or maybe it’s because it was just the two of us and it wasn’t “live” with other people playing online.  Or maybe it is because I managed to keep myself up against a wall for the most part.  One thing that we did discover when we started Zombies was that the sensitivity on my controller was too high, so maybe that was why I did a bit better.  Whatever it was I managed to live a little longer, and when I did die I had a positive score, unlike the Black Ops part where I died with -200 points!  Ha!

I think I’ll stick to stamping thank you very much!  But… Bryan has to stamp with me now!  My nephew’s birthday is Monday and we still have to get his card done… I think I know just the project for Bryan to help me with tomorrow!  I got my Zombie hunting on, he can get inky fingers!  Yeah baby!  So, sorry there’s no card tonight, you’ve got Black Ops and Zombies, but tomorrow there should be a special one!  For now though, I’m taking my zombie hunting self to bed… he made me sit on the floor and my hip hurts, lol!  Sweet dreams!


**sorry for the quality of the pics, I took them with my phone!


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