This week just FLEW by!  I had another great workshop today!  So much fun, I love doing workshops, it’s my favorite part of being a demonstrator!  I have to tell you what I did though, SO FUNNY!

For the hostess gift (man I just realized I forgot to take a picture) I made an adorable notebook using the hostess set, “A Cherry On Top” and to make it extra special I embossed the top of the cupcakes with the cherry scented embossing powder.  Well, I usually spill a little of the embossing powder when I’m putting it back in the container.  It doesn’t matter how careful I am, it never fails that a little ends up on the counter.  So as I’m putting it back in I’m being really careful but telling them how I usually drop a little, etc.  The most awesome thing happened though, I didn’t spill a drop!  I was like, “wow!”  BUT… when I picked the jar up to screw the lid on the little sucker JUMPED RIGHT OUT OF MY HANDS!!!  So funny!  Here I was, all proud that I did it without my usual “little spill” and kablam, the whole jar falls on the counter and probably half gets dumped!  Fortunately most of what spilled went back into the tray and I was able to salvage it.  I was cracking up though, and so was everyone else there!  It was just hilarious!  🙂  I guess pride cometh before the spill?  There was one plus though, it was the cherry scented powder so there was a nice smell the rest of the time I was there.  Hah!

I’m heading to bed, but tomorrow I’ll get pics up of the cards we made, and I’ll see if my hostess will shoot me a picture of the notebook and perhaps of her holding it as well!  🙂  Have a great night!


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