Meet Shelli & The Blue Whatchamacallits!

As you may or may not know, Shelli Gardner is the Cofounder and CEO of Stampin’ Up!®.  They started the business in her living room, and it has grown into the amazing international company that it is today.  I was looking at the Stampin’ Up! YouTube channel and stumbled across this video.  It is such a neat look at the company and Shelli, I thought you might want a peek!

I think that everything she says is summed up right here in the Statement of the Heart…

To love what we do
and share what we love,
as we help others enjoy creativity
and worthwhile accomplishments . . .
in this we make a difference!
–Statement of the Heart

One last thing, totally unrelated to stamping, but I had to share it, it’s too funny!  A friend posted this on facebook…

Just in case you’re curious my band would be The Blue Whatchamacallits!  HA!


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