Bob’s Back!

We have two dogs, common pet right?  Well we also have “mascots” at our house.  I don’t know what else to call them.  We have “Bobs”… When we moved into our home three years ago there was a moth.  Just one moth who hung around the living room.  I called him Bob, because I call everything without a name Bob.  *shrug*  It’s a thing.  Anyway, that was Bob 1.  He was around for a while and then he disappeared and I was sad, you see I LOVE moths and butterflies.  I was sad that he was gone but thought that maybe he got out the door to fly free to Bob-land (give me a break ok?) or perhaps he just went to Bob-heaven.  Either way no more Bob.  THEN the most peculiar thing happened… Bob 2 came, he was around for a while then poof, no more Bob 2… then Bob 3, etc.  Here’s stapler Bob…

**sorry it’s such a lousy photo, silly cell phone!

Eventually we lost count and one day realized that there had been no Bob for a loooong time!  😦  I was sad, but life goes on, I’d rather think of Bob being out free with all the other little Bobs anyway rather than trapped in here, but I admit I missed seeing them.   Like I said, I LOVE moths and butterflies!  I think they’re the most aweseomest things ever!  So, back to my point… last night when A was doing dishes she looked over at my 15 year old and says, “B… you’ve got a Bob on your back!” (or something similar).  Sure enough, there was a Bob just hanging out on his back!  He was walking around and little old Bob was just riding around like nothing much.  I went to get Bob off, I figured that he’d fly away as soon as I tried to take him off but nope… Bob went right onto my finger, look…

He sat on my fingers for 10 minutes or so, then I moved him to my knee and he was there for probably 20 minutes.  At one point I stood up and leaned over to the other side of the couch to get Donovan a blanket and Bob still never moved.  I was petting him and everything (yes, I was petting a moth).  Bob just sat there, I’m sure he had a grin on his little face.  🙂  Just as glad to be here as I was to have him back!  Yay!  So now you know why I didn’t have a card for you last night, I was busy with Bob!  Have a great day today, don’t get too busy that you can’t find the little things to enjoy and smile about!  Find a Bob!


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