I am…

Did I mention this is my second go ’round as a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator?  I was a demonstrator from 2006-2008 but when we moved to Arizona I had to take a break, the season just wasn’t right.  I have always loved seeing Stampin’ Up! Convention highlights from fellow demonstrators, such excitement and fun!  I plan on being there one day!  This year the theme was, “I Am” and they kicked off with an awesome lip dub video featuring actual Stampin’ Up! home office staff, what fun!

I love the chorus…

I Am…independent. I Am…dedicated.
Doing it my way, doing it my way…Yes I Am!
I Am…in control. I Am…watch me grow
Doing it my way, doing it my way…can you hear me say…Yes I Am…

How awesome is that?  There are so many things that I am… creative, funny, happy, pretty, silly, exciting, goofy, sad sometimes, entertaining, stressed, and so much more.  I’m also a mom, friend, wife, sister, aunt, teacher, coach, student, Princess (yes, I really am… I have a tiara and everything, see my pic), survivor, a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator, and many more.  None of those truly define who I am though… Nothing can ever truly define every single bit of who any person is, I am much more!  🙂  Stampin’ Up! gets that, and allows me to run my business my way and be who I am with it, and I LOVE that!  🙂  I am so blessed to be part of this and to really do what I love!  🙂

Have a great night y’all!





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