Beeautiful for CYCI#131

This is going to be a quick post, the monsoon has hit here in the desert and I’m afraid I’m going to lose power any minute. It’s beautiful here when it storms, but it can be viscious! Right now the thunder is so loud it is shaking the glasses in my cabinets! Crazy!

It’s a perfect time for a lovely flower card, wouldn’t you say?

Beeautiful 1


I decided to play along with the Can You Case It #131 Color Challenge, which was to use Grays, Yellows and Black. I stamped the flowers and bees using our River Stone True Color Fusion Ink Pad and then colored the centers with the new Journey Color Splash Pencils. I love the pure gorgeous color of these pencils, they don’t get washed out like some watercolor pencils do, they keep true to the color.

Beeautiful 2

In this instance I used my Medium Journey Blending Brush (TO-0098) filled with water to dab a puddle of the color from the tip of the pencil and then painted in the centers and the stripes on my little bee. There are so many other ways to use the pencils too! This was my first time to use them, I can’t wait to play more!

Now I’m going to turn the computer off and make sure I have some candles convenient!

Happy Stamping!



You can find all of the ingredients listed below on my website

Stamps: Hello Lovely (SS-0192)

Cardstock: Lemo Drop (CS-0018) and Whip Cream (CS-0040)

True Color Fusion Ink Pad: River Stone (IP-0053)

Coloring: Journey Color Splash  Pencils (JM-0078)

Accesories: Satin Black Licorice Ribbon (AC-0106)

Tools: Details Pro Shears (TO-0063) and Journey Blending Brushes (TO-0097, TO-0098, TO-0099)

Your Own Kind of Beautiful for FMS247

I love butterflies! There is something about them that is so graceful and fragile, yet so strong. We recently took a trip to San Antonio, Texas to visit my best friend Brandi and her family along with some other friends. During our time there went to the zoo, they have a butterfly house and of course I had to go in. It is so amazing to see, it almost moved me to tears just seeing them all flying around. Even little Brandon was enthralled. He wasn’t quite ready to touch one but he couldn’t take his eyes off of them!


Today’s card is based on sketch 247 from Freshly Made Sketches. I love the simplicity of this sketch and I knew that it would go perfectly with the Beautiful Wings set.

FMS Final 247-001

This three layer stamp is just beautiful, to me it really shows the delicacy and strength of butterflies. I love how the stamps make it easy to really show depth and color as well.

Beautiful Wings 1

I just love this color combo as well. The darkest purple is Pretty Pansy, I love what a deep rich purple it is. These pictures really don’t do the color justice. It is so bright and just WOW! What a deep purple is supposed to be.

When doing the three step stamping I start with my lightest color, which in this case is Pretty Amethyst. The second layer is Grape Fusion, and the top layer, the details of the wings, the antennae, and the body is the Pretty Pansy.

It’s just so beautiful, in fact it goes right with the sentiment, “Be your own kind of Beautiful”!

Beautiful Wings 2

Here is a closer shot so you can really see the detail. I used my circle dies to cut a piece of the Pretty Pansy and it is adhered directly onto the card. The butterfly however is fussy cut (with scissors, no die) and popped up on foam squares so it has a little more dimension. I love foam squares! Sometimes that little bitty pop can make all the difference in a card.

I thought about adding some Journey Sparkle Dust to the butterfly but I really wanted it to stay simple and, for lack of a better word, pure. It’s just straight stamping on this one and I think it’s perfect!

Beautiful Wings 3

One final shot that shows off the dimension better. Richard Garay, the Fun Stampers Journey founder, says that, “when in doubt pop it out” and it’s so true! You can never go wrong by adding a little dimension to your project. Especially when there are multiple layers. That last element popped up really sets it apart from the other layers on your project.

Let me know in the comments what you think. Also give me some suggestions on what other colors would work well with this stamp set. I love to receive input and feedback!

Happy Stamping!



You can find all of the ingredients listed below on my website

Stamps: Beautiful Wings (SS-0353)

Cardstock: Whip Cream (CS-0040) and Pretty Pansy (CS-0029)

True Color Fusion Ink Pad: Pretty Pansy (IP-0026), Grape Fusion (IP-0006), and Pretty Amethyst (IP-0018)


Tools: Journey Circles Dies (DI-0039), Journey Platinum Machine (TO-0090), and Details Pro Shears (TO-0063)

Free Lemons

Oh Mylanta! Don’t you love to color? I’ve always loved to color but these days it’s a huge trend! There are adult coloring books and websites devoted to it, and search Pinterest and you’ll find coloring sheets for anything you can imagine. I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Journey Color Burst Pure Color Pencils and they came this week! Whoop! I couldn’t wait to get started coloring fruit from the Slice of Life Collection. This was my first endeavor with the Color Burst Pencils and man, I’ve got more awesome samples coming for you. First though…


Free Lemons

Isn’t this an awesome way to think about life? People always say when life hands you lemons make lemonade. Well sure, lemonade is good but gosh, what if you don’t like lemonade? Then what? Then just keep them, they’re FREE! Who doesn’t love free stuff! Plus now you can make whatever you want with the lemons. Lemonade, Lemon Pie, Lemon Cake, Lemon Bread, use the zest to make soups or chicken or whatever you want! They’re now your lemons, and they were free! It’s more than just making the best of a bad situation, it’s turning it into something awesome just for you!

Color Burst Box

I used my new J0urney Color Burst Pencils for the one popped out lemon. Using pencils number 017 and 018 to color it. The peel of the lemon was colored using 018, the pieces between the sections are each colored with 017 and the actual lemon pieces I colored with the two together. I layed down my lighter color (017) then colored over that with the darker (018). I then used my Color Burst Blenders to bring those two colors together for a perfect lemon color!

The background was done using a technique called “Triple Time Stamping”. I layered the three white panels so that they were centered around each other, then just randomly stamped my lemons. THEN the magic happens when you pick them up, pop them each on their Lemon Drop panel and put it all together! It turns into such a fun background, don’t you think? Then it was just popping up the colored lemon and the sentiment panel and kabam, all done! Super simple and super cute!

Color Burst Box InsideBack to the Color Burst Pencils, they’re amazing! There are 48 pencils in the set, all gorgeous colors! They are an oil based pencil so they are super smooth. They also blend beautifully! In fact, you’ll want to blend them because from those 48 colors you either have the FSJ colors OR you can blend the colors to make them. The inside of the lid, and the bottom of the tin have an awesome pallette printed on them that shows you which pencils match our colors OR what pencils to blend together to create that color. Guess What though? You can make your own custom colors as well, just play around with them!

Isn’t that awesome!!! I love them, so much, I can’t wait to color more. I’m also going to tell you about our Color Splash pencils, but that will have to wait for another day.


Finally, check out my calendar, I have all of my classes listed through the end of the year. Don’t miss out on them! My monthly Bloom Box Garden party is coming up on August 14th, then on August 27th is my Now & Wow party! We’ll be making some cards then learning how to put a little WOW on them! Plus I’ll be doing a Stamp ‘n Sip, a Christmas card class, Christmas gifts and more! Not to mention when you book your Make It Party you’ll see your name on my calendar too! Let me know what questions you have, and don’t forget to RSVP early and book your Make It Party!

Happy Stamping!



You can find all of the ingredients listed below on my website

Stamps: Make Lemonade (SS-0372) and Life Stories (SS-0371)

Cardstock: Lemon Drop (CS-0018) and Whip Cream (CS-0040)

True Color Fusion Ink Pads: Black Licorice (IP-0041)

Coloring: Journey Color Burst Pencils (JM-0077) and Color Burst Blenders (TO-0123)

Dream Big CYCI#128

So sorry that I didn’t get this posted sooner, I’ve had it ready I just couldn’t find a second to sit down and post. Bad, I know! Anyway, on to the post…

I wanted to share with you what the July Bloom Box cards looked like and then share the one that I made myself. The Bloom Box sets are so versatile, you have the cards that come prepared and ready to stamp but you can switch those around to personalize them AND when you are done with those the possibilities for the set are endless!!!

First let me share the original cards that came with the kit turned out. There is a TON of Journey Sparkle Dust on these, which is great because I LOVE sparkle! I think that our Sparkle Dust is by far the best glitter I’ve ever worked with. The shine and sparkle is amazing, so bright and shimmery! The photo really doesn’t do it justice. I could talk about it all day but I won’t, although if you want me to just let me know.😉


I love the color combo as well! Of course there is Bubble Gum but that paired with the ??? Patterned Paper is just awesome! Not two colors I would think to put together but it works so well!

Now I want to show you my card. I started out with the Can You Case It (CYCI) challenge #128. Of course a sketch challenge is just a starting point but it’s a great one. Once you see the layout then ideas will start to flow. Go with them, even if you don’t think it’s right, just start. Once you do then you’ll start to see things you didn’t see before, or have an idea. Keep going with it! Let the changes come, that’s part of the creative journey!


Once I started looking at the sketch and the stamp I wanted to use I had to figure out colors. My mom loved dream catchers and her favorite color was purple. For some reason that memory really grabbed me and I knew purple was it. From that point on it was just a matter of playing with things until I got it exactly how I wanted. I think I colored three dream catchers before I got one that I liked! I ended up tying a bow with my Natural Journey Thread, it just needed that little bit to balance it out. Not overpowering but just enough, at least I think so.

Dream Big

I hope you like this card, like I said it was super simple to come up with by using that sketch from CYCI! I love how easy and quick the Bloom Box cards were as well. It took me about 35 minutes to create all four Bloom Box cards. With everything all done it is super easy and quick!  Using the sketch as my starting point it took about the same time for this one, that includes figuring out what I wanted and where, cutting cardstock, etc.

Each month I do a “Garden Party”, this is a free class where you can come over and we’ll work on our Bloom Boxes together. In addition to the cards included in your Bloom Box I will have a bonus card for you as a thank you for subscribing! If you aren’t a Bloom Box Subscriber then you are welcome to come check it out. The class is free for Bloom Box subscribers but if you would just like to join us one month it is $12.00 and that includes all the cards, including the bonus card. My next Garden Party is for the August Bloom Box and will be on Sunday, August 14th at 3:00 pm.

You can subscribe to the Bloom Boxes on my website, just click on Bloom Box at the top, everyone that signs up in July will get a special gift from me!

Or if you want to check out the Garden Party without subscribing let me know.

Happy Stamping,




  • Stamp Set: Dream It (SS-0291)

Bloom Box Cards:

  • Cardstock: River Stone (CS-0094), Whip Cream (CS-0040), Oatmeal Cookie (CS-0023), Bubble Gum (CS-0099), Pineapple Smoothie (CS-0026), and Confectionary Days Patterned Paper (PP-0028)
  • True Color Fusion Ink Pads: Black Licorice (IP-0041), Whip Cream (IP-0009), River Stone (IP-0053), and Oatmeal Cookie (IP-0011)
  • True Color Fusion Re-Inkers: River Stone (RI-0052), Bubble Gum (RI-0057), Oatmeal Cookie (RI-0041), Pineapple Smoothie (RI-0035)
  • Dies & Embossing Folders: Everyday Elements (SR-0004) and Journey Rectangle Long (DI-0040), Journey Rectangles pierced element (DI-0040), Journey Circles (DI-0039), Border Details (DI-0147), and Ink Splash Embossing Folder (EF-0008)
  • Silks: Silver Silk (IP-0090)
  • Embellishments: Pearls (AC-0024), River Stone Satin Ribbon (AC-0139), Natural Journey Thread (AC-0133), Paper Clip Elements (AC-0102), Journey Sparkle Dust (AC-0013), Journey Sequins (AC-0115), and Twinkle Trim (AC-0215)
  • Additionally: Journey Blending Brush (TO-0097 or TO-0098), Fusion Blender (IP-0097), Fusion Ink Sponge (JM-0014), and the Punch Press & Cutting Mat Bundle (BD-0067)

Dream Big Card:

  • Cardstock: Pretty Amethyst (CS-0028), Whip Cream (CS-0040), and Oatmeal Cookie (CS-0023)
  • True Color Fusion Ink Pad: Black Licorice (IP-0041)
  • True Color Fusion Re-Inkers: Pretty Amethyst (RI-0023), Pretty Pansy (RI-0036), Oatmeal Cookie (RI-0041), and Banana Cream (RI-0045)
  • Embellishments: Natural Journey Thread (AC-0133)


July Bloom Box

I received my very first Bloom Box today and wanted to share with you! If you don’t know what a Bloom Box is it is the Fun Stampers Journey “Kit of the Month”. When you subscribe you will receive a Bloom Box once a month. All of the Bloom Boxes come with a full red-rubber indexed stamp set! Just like every stamp in the catalog this set is always red-rubber and ready to go, all you need is blocks. It also comes with the ingredients to make four individual cards, each one gorgeous and uses different supplies. All you need to work with your Bloom Box is the ink and some tools from your basic stamping kit. The cool thing about it is a list is posted of the supplies for that month’s Bloom Box so you can make sure you have all of the ingredients.

July Bloom Box

Here is the box itself, It’s just adorable! Woo-Hoo!

July Inside Bloom Box

This is what I saw when I opened the box… so exciting to see a full color brochure with step by step instructions AND suggestions of coordinating products!

July Bloom Box Stamps

This is the July stamp set. Again, full size and red rubber! Couldn’t ask for better!

July Bloom Box Cards

Card ingredients. Each of the four cards has a separate bagn for their ingredients, that helps keep it straight so you know which is which and don’t have to hunt for the pieces.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is a closer look at the packets for each of the four cards. Notice that it incudes die-cuts, sequins, pearls, thread adn ribon, all of the embellishments, paper, and other embellishments included!

You can get more info on the bloom boxes at my website, click on Bloom Box and you’ll see all the info! Stay tuned because tomorrow I’m going to post pictures of my cards plus details on a special I’m personally running for new Bloom Box subscribers!

Happy Stamping!

Hip Hip

Hip Hip Hooray for the USA! I hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day!


I finished up this card Monday for the  Stylin’ Stampin’ INKspiration July Color Challenge! I just did not get a chance to post it. The challenge is to use Red, White, and Blue. Of course with it being Independence Day I had to go for that, but I used a stamp that I had originally thought of as a birthday stamp. It’s great for so many types of cards though, anything that needs to be celebrated or cheered about.


The evolution of card design always fascinates me, at least the way it evolves for me. I started out with something completely different in mind and as I started working with it the changes occurred until I ended up with this design. I’m always amazed at how my idea changes as I work on it. A lot of trial and error before the finished product. That’s why I always say to start with a color, sketch, or even CASE something and watch it change right before your eyes!


When I stamped the words it just needed something, then it hit me, sparkle! I used the Journey Glaze to add some Sparkle Dust to the dots on the letters but it still didn’t feel complete. Sooo, I applied Journey Glaze to the solid parts of the letters and kabam! Sparkle and Shine! I know it’s hard to see the shiny in pictures, it just doesn’t do it justice. Hopefully you can get an idea of what I did from this shot.

Another thing you might notice is that the stars are white, not just plain wood. I had originally thought to make the stars red using one of our ink pads. As I got to looking at my colors and decided on my layout I realized I needed to make the stars white instead. So, I used my clear pigment ink pad on the stars and then embossed them with Journey White embossing powder. I love the little bit of shine that they got from it!

One of the best things about this card? No fussy cutting! The stamp has a matching die! How AWESOME is that? I was able to cut the shape of the words with a few cranks of the handle! I love the variety of stamp sets with matching dies!

Thanks for popping by, if you have any questions or would like to order any of the supplies I used you can go to my website and click shop, or you can shoot me an e-mail. Just remember that if your order is going to be $150.00 you need to e-mail it to me so you can get all of your amazing Hostess Benefits in addition to the Bloom Benefits you get just for a $50.00 order!

Happy Stamping!




  • Stamps: Hip Hip Bundle (BD-0143) or you can buy the stamp and die separately, but why would you want to when the Bundle saves you?
    • Hip Hip ATS (AT-0172)
    • Die: Hip Hip (DI-0122)
  • Ink: Huckleberry Fusion (IP-0035) and Clear Pigment (IP-0102)
  • Cardstock: Huckleberry Fusion (CS-0015), Cranberry Bliss (CS-0090), and Whip Cream (CS-0040)
  • Accessories: Amazing Accents (AC-0201), Journey Sparkle Dust (AC-0013), Journey White Embossing Powder (IP-0098), and Journey Glaze (AD-0002)

New Catalog!

So I promised you a “tour” of my favorite things from the 2016-2017 Annual Catalog and here it is. It might have been earlier but it’s taken me a little bit to decide what to share, I mean I LOVE it all, check out my page flags for my wish list…


Crazy right? Every time I go through the catty I find something I didn’t see before and it’s so amazing I want it, lol! Is that bad? My husband thinks so at times, or at least he claims to! So, my first thought was WHERE to begin? I decided to just work my way through the Catalog showing you things that jumped at me and were on my first or second order list. Plus some things I purchased at convention. Did I mention I went to convention? That will be another post, suffice it to say that it was amazing!

First I wanted to show you some of my favorite stamp sets and explain what it is that I like about them.

20160703_220510I saw this set and literally teared up! You may or may not know that my oldest son is in the Army so I knew I had to have these sets! Did you notice the green outlines around the images? That means that there is a matching die! How great is that? I told you that many of the sets had matching dies and I wasn’t kidding!

Here’s a look at the Bloom Benefits; again there are matching dies AND a die that matches another set in the catalog! *I’m not going to tell you which set, go on a scavenger hunt and see if you can find it, here’s a hint: it has balloons!


Do you like music? Or Steampunk? Aren’t these sets perfect? I’ve got so many ideas in my head for the guitar, turntable, and even the little thingy that you put in the middle of a 45 so it fits on the regular turntable. Plus that Steampunk, oh my gosh! I can’t wait to get my hands on that, it will be fabulous with our Journey Bronze Silk or the Gold Journey Splash! Plus embossing… man I’m so excited for that set!

20160703_220656Another of my favorites is the Faith Journey collection. Notice the stamp and coloring in the Bible? I’m so excited that this line goes so well with Bible Journaling! Not just stamps but there is patterned paper, embellishments, and even stickers that will work for those of us who can’t draw. I’ll be showing you some of my pages soon!

20160703_220819The Journey Days collection now has 6″ x 8″ memory keeping albums! They come in Black Licorice, River Stone and Brushed Silver. They are so beautiful, the best quality out there and there are pocket pages for tons of different sizes and layouts. Yes, pocket pages, even I can’t wait to try this and I’ve never been a scrapbooker. With these you simply slip the photos in, a cute Day Card or embellishment and kabam! Of course you can stamp too and I’m so excited to start working on albums for some of our photos that are just sitting on the computer waiting to be looked at.

20160703_220933I am also beyond super excited about the new coloring mediums! We have amazing Journey Color Splash pencils (for watercoloring) and our Journey Color Burst pencils (pigment pencils). Both blend beautifully to make an unlimited variety of colors. Both pencil sets have a template that shows you how to blend to make each and every FSJ color! The other new coloring medium is the Pan Pastels! These are amazing! They are true pigment pastels, you put them on with a sponge and they are virtually dust free! There are four sets of 7 pans and there is silver, gold, and a colorless blender. I’d never used them before but after buying them at convention I’ve used them and I love them, so super easy!

20160703_221023The Journey Girl line has also expanded, check out the triangle lockets and plates! That little Bloomo Catcher jar is so fabulous! We got one free at convention (how great is that?) and I’ve filled mine with Star-Fetti and Journey Sparkle Cuts! It’s so fun! The neat thing is I can switch the contents out! I can put our Slice-Fetti if I’m feeling “fruity” or the adorable little I Heart Hearts! Seriously, the possibilities are amazing!

20160703_221304Finally, our storage and organizational products, OMG! The Journey Storage boxes are beautiful and such great quality! I have the Black & White but I saw the silver at convention and they are gorgeous! These guys were flying off the shelves in the Journey Shop at convention! They’re so pretty, they’re an amazing quality and they hold so many sets! There are two sizes, Mommy & Baby, each for our regular sized stamp sets or ATS’s. You can also store photos, our embellishment packages, ribbon, or find something even better to use them for! The new organizational products are amazing as well, there is an awesome craft tote, a case for your clear blocks and a great fold up tote that holds your scissors, Bloom Tool, Crease Tool, Brushes and so much more!

Journey Set Go Flyer

One last thing, right now with our Journey Set, Go promotion you can sign up as a coach and the way it works you basically get the Journey Platinum die cutting machine for free! How AWESOME is that?

Our Coach program is seriously the best out there! You can join to make it a business or just to help support your hobby. Or if you just want to get the discount you can do that too! It’s all up to you! Our quarterly minimums are only $150.00 (really $120.00 because you get that 20% off the top)and that is super easy to do, even without holding parties! We get a free website (does any other company give you your website free?), plus our hostess benefits are better than any other I’ve seen out there and with your orders you get them too, plus that 20% commission/discount. You already know that with any $50.00 order you get a free Bloom Benefit but when your order or Make It Party reaches the magical $150.00 level you get $20.00 in free merchandise, any ATS in the catalog, and depending on the amount even more! Customers like you are why I do what I do and FSJ understands that! We’ve got to show you appreciation and FSJ helps us do that! I’ll stop now, I think you can tell how excited I am about this company. I was so in need of a change and new direction and I’m so glad FSJ is here to give me that!

Wow, that is a ton of stuff and I just told you my favorites from the Annual Catalog, I didn’t even touch the Holiday Mini. I am in love with so much there too! We’ll talk about that another day though. Don’t forget that you can see the full catalogs by clicking on their picture in the sidebar; or better yet, get one in your hands by ordering your own on my website,, by clicking shop. The item number for the Annual Catalog is CL-0013 and the Holiday Mini is CL-0015. Don’t forget that if you order $50.00 you get a Bloom Benefit and if your order is over $150.00 contact me so that I can make sure you get your Hostess Benefits as well.

I hope you enjoy the catalogs as much as I do… let me know what YOUR favorite is!

Happy Stamping!